Trump & America

Trump & America

The 21st century has been difficult to decipher in terms of understanding what is actually happening. The Trump phenomenon has perplexed people, and the confusion is a result of the inability to accurately see the world—and America—for what it


The 21st century has been difficult to decipher in terms of understanding what is actually happening. The Trump phenomenon has perplexed people, and the confusion is a result of the inability to accurately see the world—and America—for what it is.

Information overload & propaganda

We live in an era of overwhelming propaganda and lightning-fast transactions of mass amounts of information.  We cannot be informed on everything, therefore no one person can hold a truthful or accurate worldview.  Our worldviews are collections of the data points of information we know about.  These data points are mainly controlled by figureheads we see across the media and our elite class. They are nowhere near a representation of the world as it actually is.  In many ways, mainstream understanding of events and the fabric of America are completely untethered from reality.  Most of the information we think about and interact with comes in the form of short headline narratives, which, at face value, are propaganda pieces.

We live in the “age of the tweet,” and some know how to use this more effectively than others.  But to truly understand the nature of reality, it matters less how much information you consume and more so your understanding of human nature, technology, and history.

The great American divide

There are two America’s being created, and these two realities are being mirrored in many other nations around the world, predominantly those with European roots and Latin-based languages (particularly English).  The fundamental values that have allowed America to create a prosperous society and allow for diversity of opinion, race, and religion are being torn apart.

Many Americans believe that America is divided amongst conservative and democratic lines, but this is not entirely accurate.  The two realities being formed are one, which is predominantly left-wing, and looks to fundamentally change American values to be based on equality and control of outcomes with strong ethnic and racial ties.  This reality is based on the out of control desire for globalization and a renouncing of pride in citizenship.  It is cannibalistic and mirrors activities of both the French and Russian revolutions.

Trump got elected because he represents the spirit of the other side of America.  The one that consumes the majority of the geographic land in our country yet shares very little culturally with the west and east coast view of America.  Either through wisdom or passed on values, this part of the country sees America for what it is: a land of opportunity and freedom.  Security is not what is valued, but liberty.

The middle Americans have been demonized by west coast elites, the billionaire class, and its more “educated” populations spilling out of the universities.  The Trumpians are not conservatives—they are anti-globalists.  They are the “essential workers” who have had war waged on them unknowingly by their former brothers from the coasts.

Trump shows the animus of having pride in citizenship, isolation politics, and an American self-reliance.  Chinese propaganda has run rampant in the left-wing politics of America, and good-hearted people have become narrators of a Chinese-based globalist view of the world.  The gridlock of our government that our founders purposely created is the reason that populist control has not entirely taken over American politics.

We have been at war with our own constitution, a document that only middle Americans seem to hold with high value. These same people get pinned falsely as regressive and uneducated in our “sophisticated” world.  We have created an environment where those who have the most ethical view of the nation are demonized as hateful and evil. This is all while Americans on the other side of the globalization argument are persuaded through their hearts and compassion to have an Obama era view of a globalist world.

Trump and America’s current cultural revolution

America is going through a cultural revolution, and it is not small—it will drastically change the course of the world.  If the globalists win, America will collapse and be replaced.  The replacement will be a Chinese style communist party that has already infiltrated the American left.

The left controls the media, entertainment industry, and the universities.  These are all industries that have gained power and control during the immense globalization process.  Reality has been flipped on its head.  The coasts sit in their Chinese chairs and tweet on their Chinese products about the importance of app development and financial advisors, but on a humanistic level, this is all just fluff compared to real human needs.  Middle America is the provider of what is needed, and yet they have felt demonized for a long time, unappreciated, and ridiculed for having a pro-American view of the world.

Whether people like it or not, our constitution and the brave work of our Founding Fathers is one of the most important elements that have kept us from being  taken by communist control.  The destruction of America from within is being ported through the left and the main institutions America interacts with (universities, entertainment, and news media).

What follows is mere speculation, but at a certain point the US will either need to decouple with China or it will decouple with itself.  The decoupling with China will most likely cause World War 3, which will be a uniquely fought war due to the increase of military technology.

If the Axis win WWIII, a Chinese style rule will consume the globe.  At some point down the road, another revolution will spark, with the same spirit as America.  Hopefully, the revolutionaries read up on the American Founding Fathers and create a society in its image.

If the Allies win WWIII, it will be on Americans to move forward into the world with more self-reliance and to learn from our mistakes that have created this revolution—an unneeded propagandist revolution..  We need to value citizenship and our constitution more if we want to come through the next thirty years without catastrophic negative results.

Regardless, at the end of the day, an American style society will succeed—one that values individual rights.  The American experiment has proved that it is the most ethical way to govern large quantities of people.  Next time, we need to do a better job of educating people on the importance of American values.