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07 Dec 2020

The Stay Savage Podcast #10 Asa Palagi

Hear Asa discuss what it takes to go from the garage to business entourage…

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16 Oct 2020

An Incomplete World

The mass inundation of technology and information has neutered our abilities to have original thought.  I find my own thoughts, and those of others, becoming a regurgitated mess without any creative input or new connection. Humans seem to have become this low-grade memory center in which there is information input that is only filtered through […]

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11 Oct 2020

Persistent Paternalism

We live in a society that lacks freedom in ways people are not quite able to comprehend. Please note,  I am not commenting on the morality of this lack of freedom or criticizing its usefulness, but rather am simply illuminating these topics.   Cultural filters Cultural filters through which we see the world are rooted so […]

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09 Oct 2020

2020: A Perpetual Misunderstanding

We appear to be creating two Americas, a dual narrative of the world that is unfolding simultaneously. This phenomenon cannot be properly understood without highlighting the impact of the national media and social media. The media’s impact on global events has changed since the technological revolution, specifically in the 21st century. The change is most […]

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02 Oct 2020

Trump & America

The 21st century has been difficult to decipher in terms of understanding what is actually happening. The Trump phenomenon has perplexed people, and the confusion is a result of the inability to accurately see the world—and America—for what it is. Information overload & propaganda We live in an era of overwhelming propaganda and lightning-fast transactions […]

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25 Sep 2020

Worth of the Individual to Society

The Four Pillars of Societal Contribution The value that an individual has on society can be broken down into four pillars. The four pillars are production, education, community, and morality. These are the Four Pillars of Societal Contribution. Pillar # 1: Production Production is the most important of the four pillars. While this is true, […]

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